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Help Save the Planet!

Global weirding of the weather is real and it's creating havoc around the world.  This year alone, we've seen Australia and California fighting hundreds of out of control bushfires leaving tens of thousands of people displaced, an increase in both number and intensity of hurricanes battering coastlines, Arctic ice caps melting and more.  There are many things - big and small that you can do to help the environment. 

For our part, we donated to Australian Red Cross and continue to donate monthly to local charities.  What can you do?  Consider:

  • Repair, recycle or upcycle your clothes, this reduces the amount of wasted clothing that hits the landfills. 
  • Buy sustainable clothing or buy previously-loved clothing.
  • Limit Fast Fashion buying practices of one-season, throw-away clothes. 
  • Donate your previously-loved clothing.

In short, buying second-hand clothing is good for your wallet and good for the planet!